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Solution Recommendations

With broad solutions exposure, we identify the best fit solution to your business needs, thereby reducing implementation time and costs.

Tender Management

Plan, publish and select bids efficiently, keeping a due diligence audit trail that can be used to determine the best partner and solution for contracts.

Vendor Management

Ensuring current Service Levels and the ever changing business needs are met in order to control costs, reduce vendor-related risks and agreed service delivery.

Program Management

We manage several related projects with the intention of improving an organisation’s delivery performance with a key focus on change management and business transformation projects.

Business Case

Develop business cases to obtain management commitment and approval for investment in business change with a focus on IT systems & Telecommunication projects.

Process Re-engineering

Analyse business workflows, finding processes that are inefficient, compare to best practice and improve them. We also implement process re-engineering via our Change Management program.


Identify business processes to move to Offshore/Onshore 3rd party providers to reduce costs, duration and/or adopt improvements in service delivery.

Cloud Migrations

We offer design and implementation services for the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment.

IT Strategy

We review and/or develop IT strategies to ensure they are aligned with business objectives and budgets.


Project Management

We have a strong history of leading teams and/or partners to ensure goals and the success criteria is met and delivered on time and budget.

Change Management

Developing a structured approach to change is critical to help ensure a beneficial transition while mitigating disruption

Post Implementation Reviews

We identify if the Success Criteria and Return on Investment has been met for a particular project.

Industries we have worked with

Transforming Information & Communication Technology

TERM Consulting specialises in transforming IT environments and Business processes for SME organisations.

Short and Long term engagements

Strong Asia Pacific exposure

Cloud and Outsourcing specialists

More than 30 Years
of Experience




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